About Me


Hello! My name is Lily! 

"Sugarmints" was started in 2013 from my love of the sky and space aesthetic. I've always admired shots of the sky from my favourite animes and movies, and wanted to incorporate both into my art. I am a Graphic Designer by day and dreamer by night, I've always wanted to draw fanart of the shows and movies I loved in a different way, and share it with people who also admire the same aesthetics.

My art is a mixture of whimsical fantasy and surrealism, treading on the boundaries between dream and reality. My tools of the trade are Photoshop CC and a Bamboo CTH-460 tablet.

A little bit about my process

My process always starts with a colour palette to dictate the mood of my narratives. I usually draw inspiration from photography as they make the best references. Sometimes, if I have a clear image of the end result in my head I would do a quick sketch. Other times, I go with the flow and what feels right at the moment.

I often get asked what brushes I use in Photoshop, my favorites are Environmental Brushes by DeanOyebo. I have also collected some brushes from here! Oftentimes, I use the default brushes in Photoshop and adjust the brush settings to my own liking. 

If you would like to ask me specific questions about my art or process, feel free to message me on Instagram!

Here is some pet tax of my dog, Peppermints!


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